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24 may 2018
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Fotki z życia szkołyHello!

Welcome to the official website of our school, which is colloquially called "Paderek" by our students and teachers.

Grammar School nr 6 in Poznań, which is named after Ignacy Jan Paderewski, has been one of the leading high schools in Poznań for many years. We offer our students broad development, even is such seemingly unpopular fields as philosophy or Latin. We make an effort to provide everything to those students who want to develop their skills by hard work and who derive pleasure from seeking knowledge and answers to difficult questions.
We continuously try to join work with fun, tradition with modern thinking, individualism with team work.
We look for new possibilities and resources in order to prepare our students well not only for all kinds of school exams but also for critical moments in their life. What is more, we care about our students so that they like spending time in "Paderek" and they willingly visit the school after their graduation.