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27 february 2021
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Lo scambio culturale

The exchange between Liceo Lagrangia in Vercelli ( Italy, Piedmont) and Secondary School No.6 in Poznań has been taking place since March 2004, when the first group from Italy came to Poland.

It's the fourth time when the exchange takes palce. The Italian group visited Poland in September 2007, whereas Polish students will have the occasion to get to know the Italian culture in March 2008.

The second year students with the knowledge of  Italian participate in an exchange.

During stay in Italy Polish students visit Vercelli, Milan, Genoa, Venice, Verello and Turin.
Polish students are hosted individually by Italian families, whereas Italian students stay with Polish families.
We go to Milan from Poznań by air.

Elżbieta Grzechowiak, an Italian teacher is the coordinator of this exchange.

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